Wings of Death

Rolly the raccoon came to our law firm today to discuss the probate of the will of Leta the churchmouse as the lawyer for the primary beneficiary. His suit probably costs more than my annual salary, and the leather his briefcase is made out of allegedly came from the pelt of a client who refused to pay his bill.

Since I was the paralegal who drafted the wretched will, I have been assigned the probate. My first task is to find a litigation attorney for our firm in case the raccoons go nuclear. We used to call on a firm of rats, but they quit and moved to Big Sur and opened a meditation center. Sharks have a good reputation but that is offset by their tendency to eat their clients. Grizzly bear are a problem since after a few sips of coffee they often rip their opposition to shreds. This is not helpful in an arbitration hearing.

I eventually found a barn owl named Barnaby. On his California State Bar profile it shows he has a nickname of “Wings of Death.” Sounds promising.

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