No Worries

In the end Pan came out of the tree drawn by hunger. Yaris was a bit more hesitant. It took a couple of well aimed coconuts to get the tiger to come down. Soon, we were all having a nice breakfast of fruit, fruit, and yes, more fruit. I would have killed for a coffee.

As Benjamin and I discussed the dosage of “happy pills” that we were going to give Pan and Yaris, we noticed that they had become agitated and were pointing at the jungle. We soon saw why.

A lone figure padded his way out of the jungle. To our immense surprise, we realized it was a rabbit. And what a rabbit! It wore a beaten up bush hat, and had a very heavy looking bandolier across his chest. He was carrying a big game style double bore rifle slung over his shoulder. He was brown coloured with patches of white. Like Benjamin, he was a lop rabbit.

“Benjamin, is that you?”

Benjamin turned to us and told us it was his Australian cousin Austen. He then hopped over and greeted his cousin.

Only Benjamin could find a cousin in the middle of nowhere. I just stood and gaped.

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