Island of Me-Ow

We gathered around Austen to get some information on our current circumstance. Like how to get off the island immediately. Benjamin shot off questions to Austen about the island. Was it the Mysterious Island? No. The Lost World? No. Caprona? No.

Austen explained it was an uncharted island found by the Victorian explorer and scientist Professor Horace Holly. The island was named by him as the Island of Me-Ow. Yaris wanted to know why.

As if on cue there was a rustle from the jungle and to our horror, two enourmous cats leapt onto the beach. I noticed that Austen looked unworried and made no move towards his weapons. The cats went over to a trembling Yaris and far from eating him, gave him a friendly lick. At this point we realized what we were seeing: two enormous tabby cats.

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