Austen told us to relax and that the two enourmous cats were just being friendly. He said their names were Scooner and Stripes and that they were his friends.Yaris and Pan eyed them suspiciously as they circled our group and purred. Benjamin went up to Stripes and petted him under the chin. Stripes purred contentedly. Scooner went up to Pan hoping for the same treatment to no avail. I petted Scooner while Yaris cowered by my side.

Austen invited us back to his bungalow where he was staying. He explained that the Rabbit Geographic Society of Australia had sent him to Me-Ow to take measurements of the volcano to see when it would next erupt. The volcano was named Mt. Kettle. It had been named by its discoverer, Professor Horace Holly because it reminded him of a tea kettle boiling over. Victorians!

As we walked through the jungle, we heard a clicking sound. Austen looked alarmed and Scooner and Stripes started hissing. The clicking got louder and Austen unslung his rifle and aimed at the direction the clicking was coming from. Without warning he fired both barrels and yelled “run.” Stripes grabbed Yaris like a cub with his teeth and Scooner did likewise with Pan. As we ran through through the jungle I looked behind us and saw spiders. Lots and lots of really large angry spiders!

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  1. Rory Raccoon

    The Friends of Spiders Foundation requests that you cease to portray spiders as the enemy, and edit your post accordingly.


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