Benjamin versus the volcano

Benjamin versus the volcano, or, next time we take Pan instead!

We had a very pleasant evening at Austen’s bungalow. What a magnificent rabbit he is indeed: he stocks the very best French roast coffee. We all slept very well in comfortable hammocks, except for Yaris who curled up in a Kitty basket.

The next morning as a very tasty breakfast was being cleared away, Benjamin without warning asked Pan and Yaris if they wanted to visit the volcano. Without a word, Pan and Yaris sauntered out the door. Pan was soon snoozing next to his bamboo grove and Yaris was soon playing with his kitty cat friends. I guess we had their answer.

This time, Scooner and Stripes stayed behind to look after Pan and Yaris. I went along with the two rabbits and we hiked for some time through the dense rainforest. Finally, we reached the base of Mt. Kettle and began the ascent to the rim of the crater. As Mt. Kettle is not too large, this did not take long.

Austen fiddled with a variety of measuring instruments while I took a short nap. Benjamin sat and gazed into the cauldera. There was no lava visible, just basalt.

Austen eventually finished his measurements and declared that the mountain was heading for an eruption, but it would probably be sometime in the future

In disappointment, Benjamin picked up a small stone and threw it into the volcano. Mesmerized, we watched as it travelled through the air and hit the plug of rock inside the volcano. Suddenly, cracks began to appear. Then, steam appeared, first white and then yellow. The smell of sulfur became strong. Finally, we looked through the steam and saw red.

Lava had replaced the basalt floor of the cauldera. The lava was rising: time to leave.

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