We ran as fast as we could down the path that led us to the base of the volcano. Austen explained that due to the lower side of the cauldera, the lava would flow away from us. Probably.

We continued to run down the mountain as fast as we could. We could sense the ash rising from the volcano behind us. We eventually made it safely to the jungle and the bungalow.

Pan, Yaris and the cats were waiting for us in the clearing. We explained what had happened including Benjamin starting the whole thing by tossing a stone into the volcano. He shuffled his paws as everybody stared at him.

At Austen’s suggestions, we all trooped down to the beach for a better look at the volcano. We watched in awe as the eruption continued. Benjamin contemplated the scene and uttered what were nearly his last words.

“It was only a small stone. No real harm done.”

At that point, the mountain exploded knocking all of us down. Fortunately the force of the blast was largely in the opposite direction. We stood up and gazed at the mushroom cloud as the ash rose. Austen estimated that the ash would reach South America in a couple of days. Benjamin kept muttering:

“It was only a small stone!”

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