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Parks Reopen

Our mentally challenged politicians have finally come to their senses (it won’t last) and our National Parks are now open again. Bears throughout the west are having events to celebrate.

Bears in Oregon are having a meet and greet at the Lodge at Crater Lake. Bears in California are having an interpretive dance festival at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite. Finally, Washington State bears are having a folk art festival at Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula.

URGENT APPEAL! Bears hurt by government shutdown

Bears in our National Parks have been furloughed as a result of the shutdown. I urge you to send food parcels to our friends in need. Please also consider hosting a bear family until this crisis is over (black bears only-we don’t recommend grizzlies). Your help is crucial for our ursine brothers and sisters in this uncertain time.

Bear Brothers

Went to breakfast this morning with the black bear brothers, Morgan and Aubrey. Aubrey is a vegetarian and Morgan is not. They asked my advice about a problem they are having. Apparently their little sister, Claire, is harrassing them about their diet. She wants Morgan to eat more veggies and Aubrey to eat some meat. I am not sure if I am the best bear to ask advice about siblings. My younger brother Seamus is afraid of garden gnomes and my older brother Zelazney eats just about anyone. I only get grizzly if I do not get my morning coffee.

Bear Tip: breakfast was sausages, Bacon, hash browns, egg and toast with coffee.

Why I am a bear

Bears are creatures who like living in nature. Bears need lots of open wide uncrowded spaces. They need lots of naps and backscratches. Bears move slowly and purposefully through the day. Bears do not need to “network” to have a relationship. Being human looks awfully hard.

Bear Tip: blueberry scone and coffee for breakfast