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The Magellan

We spent the next few days at the bungalow waiting for the eruption to die down. Yaris played with Stripes and Scooner and Pan dozed most of the time in the bamboo grove. Benjamin and Austen made observations on the eruption while I stayed in the bungalow reading. Darwin tends to make me drowsy but Huxley is always entertaining.

After a few days, Austen gathered us together and said it was time to leave. We all wondered if a boat had arrived. Austen looked amused which in my experience, is not a good sign in a rabbit.

We walked through the jungle on a new path and came to a clearing. Would there be a plane, a helicopter, or some other MODERN device to travel home on?

Of course, my fears were realized. It was an airship called the Magellan. State of the art technology circa 1922. I just about  asked Austen if it was helium or hydrogen but thought the better of it. I don’t want to know.

We started to go on board. Stripes and Scooner licked Yaris goodbye and waved to us as we entered the gondola. Austen went to the helm, adjusted a few levers and away we headed north to the Hawaiian Islands.

It is turning into a comfortable journey. The Magellan is very posh with 1922 style bunks, dining table and even a kitty basket for Yaris. The food is excellent with an adequate supply of coffee. We expect a pleasant flight of a few days with Hawaii as our destination.

What could possibly go wrong?

Island Paradise?

When I think of all the islands in the South Pacific we could float ashore onto, a certain image comes to mind. Something like Maui or Bora Bora. A nice lagoon with a 5 star resort. As soon as we land, go to reception and book a room and make reservations for dinner. Lounge by the pool. Unfortunately, that is not the sort of island that we landed on. Let me put it this way: I would not be overly surprised to see Fay Wray running down the beach pursued by King Kong.

We were all very happy when we saw we were drifting towards an island. We were even more pleased when the sharks began to move off, until Benjamin with his keen rabbit senses observed that the sharks seemed to be afraid of the island. Yaris and Pan waved ” bye bye to the sharkies.”

As we floated ashore, Yaris and Pan ran to the tree line and gorged themselves on pineapple and coconut and promptly fell asleep. We were sitting around the fire Benjamin had made when the two of them woke up. We discussed what the island might have in store for us. First, we observed the volcano a few miles away. It looked on the verge of eruption, of course. Then there was the sound of drumming coming from the jungle. Pan unhelpfully suggesting somone preparing dinner

At this point Yaris started pacing about and yelped when he fell in a pothole. When we all went to help, we realized that it was not a pothole. It was a very large pawprint and Yaris quickly climbed a palm tree. What was impressive was the way Pan, a panda, followed him. I did not know pandas could climb trees, particularly at such speed.

Benjamin began collecting coconuts. He explained it was to lure Pan and Yaris down in the morning. And if that did not work, we could throw the coconuts at them and knock them down!

What could possibly go wrong?

Ask a silly question?  We are currently sitting in a life raft after having encountered some “turbulence.” I intend on writing a stern review of Gilligan’s Airline on Tripadvisor.

We seem to have good cell coverage here. First, we called the US Coast Guard for help. They were very apologetic about not being able to save us. Apparently due to the budget deadlock in Washington, they don’t have the money to get us.  They transfered us to Tahitian Air Sea Rescue. Benjamin’s French is a bit rusty and although no rescue seems forthcoming, we do have a reservation at a small bistro in Papete tonight.

We sent an E-mail to Gilligan’s Airline. They sent us an auto response saying they would get back to us in no longer than ten days, and that they value us as customers.

Yaris the tiger and Pan the panda are taking this rather well, no doubt due to the strong dose of “happy” pills they have ingested. They are giggling and waving their paws about and playing a new game they have made up. It is called “who can count the most killer shark fins circling the raft.”

At least we have good 3g service. Benjamin can finish reading this month’s National Geographic before we perish from thirst or are eaten!

Off to the South Pacific

I am taking a break from work and going on a short vacation. Benjamin thought it would be good if we took Yaris the tiger and Pan the panda to a self-help conference in Maui. Yaris has a phobia about feline predators, particularly other tigers. Pan, being panaphobic, is afraid of just about everything. Hopefully this conference will help.

Benjamin got some really cheap airline tickets online. Some new low fare airline serving the South Pacific. It is called Gilligan’s Airline. What could possibly go wrong?

Summer vacations

I have been talking with Benjamin about our summer vacation. Benjamin wants to go to Australia to visit his cousin, Austin. We do not have the money for that. I had thought about visiting my brother Zelazney who has opened a coffee house outside of Yellowstone called the Grizzly’s Den.  He advertises that he serves tourists. I am a little concerned about what this means. I really do not want to fly.  It is hard trying to explain to TSA agents that bear’s claws do not detatch.