A Day which shall live in Calamity

Our trip north in the Magellan has been pleasant. We even managed to stop in Tahiti and eat in the small bistro in Papete. Yaris liked the fruit bowl!

We all got excited as we approached Hawaii. As Pearl Harbor came into view Pan wanted to know what the silver thing coming at us was.

It was an F-18.

We all had the same thought at once. Maybe we should have notified the authorities. Particularly since the date was December 7. Oops

Yaris looked out the window: “look at the pretty ships below!”

Just then a puff of smoke obscured one of the “pretty ships.” It was a missile of course. Followed by many more. Austen remarked that they might have trouble locking on to an airship.

Without warning the missile attack stopped. We looked out the windows as the attack helicopters approached. 10 20 30.

We shoved Yaris and Pan to the cockpit and told them to start waving. They wouldn’t shoot at a tiger and panda would they?

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