An End of One Journey

Despite their reputation, the authorities from the Department of Homeland Security were really rather nice about the the whole thing. I really think they were embarrassed about firing at an airship. And missing.

When Benjamin pointed out that Pan and Yaris were endangered species and that shooting at them contravened international law, these officials became positively apologetic. They even let us tether the Magellan at Hickam Field.

So here we are at the poolside of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Austen spends his time cannonballing into the pool. Pan is asleep next to a large plate that once contained bamboo. Yaris is asleep after a Kitty rubdown. Benjamin went off to take a phone call from his English cousin Gillian. She is a scientist with the Rabbit Antarctic Survey.

All seems peaceful.

Until Benjamin came in breathlessly with news. We all clustered around him.

“Gillian has amazing news. She has found the lost Penguins of Mu! But they are in great danger. The evil Nautiloids from the Challenger Deep have awoken after eons long hibernation and are heading south to their old feeding ground in Antarctica. Gillian needs our help.”

I simply sighed as we prepared to return to the Magellan.

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