Unfortunately, all of the Feds are back

I thought I would be glad that the Federal Government had reopened. Apparently not. I received in the mail information about the new Federal law that starts January 1, 2014. I went on the website and could not set up an account. I called their helpline and was told that was WHY the law was passed. The program is called the National Initiative Towards Wilderness Information Technology. It is to help forest dwelling creatures access the internet and participation is mandatory. The initials of this program says it all.

One thought on “Unfortunately, all of the Feds are back

  1. Janna

    I am calling all bears to meet in Washington DC on January 15, yet another deadline that humans have set to reach the fiscal cliff, to rally in front of Congressional buildings. Let’s tell Congress how we really feel about the shutdown. It’s time for politicians to take us seriously.


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